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IFP Secondary Sales by Customer Database

June 25, 2009

The S.Africa subsidiary of a major global animal health corporation receives actual secondary sales data from many customers/wholesalers in a wide variety of formats. Previously, it was a huge exercise to aggregate all of this data and put it into a usable format for analysis. The IFP solution has produced great savings in resources and a vast increase in analysis options for many more users now that the database is stored on the local server under IFP. Some key aspects of the IFP solution are:

  • single database containing consistent secondary sales (units, values and prices) from all customers (wholesalers, co-operatives etc)
  • analysis of trends in secondary actual sales by SKU, product, species, channel, wholesaler, customer and sales representative
  • setting of targets by product and customer
  • analysis of variances of actual sales vs. target
  • a powerful tool in the hands of the sales representative when visiting the practitioners