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IFP used for Regional Requirements Planning

July 03, 2008

Until recently, several different local systems and database configurations have been used throughout the Far East region for demand forecasting and requirements planning. A tool was required to provide convenient and consistent analyses of demand forecasts and associated requirements from suppliers across the many representative offices and branches in the Far East region for a major global pharmaceuticals corporation.

Their IFP solution includes the following:

  • For each SKU data are available on monthly demand forecasts, current inventory levels, open purchase orders, minimum order quantities, safety stock requirements and minimum shelf-life.
  • Each set of demand forecasts is updated by product managers each month and may be retained for analyses of changes in forecasts and accuracy of forecasts in both numerical and graphical format.
  • A model is available to convert demand forecasts into monthly requirements plans and associated order details required to satisfy the parameters for each SKU.
  • The model allows for changes in item codes over time and differences between consumption/sales units of measure and purchase unit of measure.
  • Projected monthly closing inventory levels and associated months on hand ratios are produced automatically.